3 Jun 2022 Projectos financiados co-financiados por Fundos Sociais Europeus

29 Aug 2022

Annex 1 - Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products

Later last week, the new Annex 1 “Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products” has been published and our team has scrutinized the new guidance and their main changes.

20 Apr 2022

France legalizes medical cannabis cultivation

On February 18th it was announced in the “Journal official de la République française” that as of March 1st it is legal to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes in France.

14 Apr 2022

Update: Available Audit Reports and Planned Audits

Our list of available audit reports and planned reports has been updated on our website!

8 Mar 2022

Annex 21 – Importation of medicinal products

The highly awaited annex 21 has finally been published, shedding light on the applicable GMP requirements when importing medicinal products from outside the EU/EEA.

18 Jan 2022

Regulamento de Medicamentos Veterinários

O Regulamento de Medicamentos Veterinários (Regulamento (EU 2019/6)) entra em vigor a 28 de Janeiro. As mudanças preconizadas terão impacto em várias áreas com especial ênfase nos sistemas de qualidade e farmacovigilância de medicamentos veterinários.

30 Nov 2021


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