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21 Feb 2020

Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products

Regulation (EC) no. 1223/2009 stipulates that all cosmetic products, prior to being marketed in the EU, must undergo a safety assessment carried out by a qualified person. The assessment must always be kept up to date, and any relevant information generated after the product is placed on the market has to be taken into account.

18 Feb 2020

Regulatory Day 2020

6 Feb 2020

Estamos a recrutar - Medical Writer

A OWLpharma tem em aberto uma vaga para Medical Writer no Departamento Médico-Científico, em Coimbra.

21 Jan 2020

Nitrosamines – Risk evaluation

At the end of September EMA began a review under the Article 5(3) of Regulation (EC) No 726/2004 to provide guidance for MAHs on how to avoid nitrosamines in human medicines.

21 Jan 2020

GMP for Medicinal Cannabis – 29th of January

André Luz, the Director of Quality Assurance at Owlpharma, will be presenting a “GMP for Medicinal Cannabis” training on January 29th in collaboration with Formiventos.